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    We are a supplier/service provider for overseas customers to provide a complete set of automotive heating and cooling parts!

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    We can provide automobile enterprises with heating and cooling parts service supplier procurement!

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    Provide high quality service, strict control of product quality, affordable products!

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    Quality assurance 99.99%, timely delivery cycle, automobile heating and cooling parts to complete the solution!


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Our Blog

  • What is the function of the corrugated pipe in the engine compartment

    The purpose of the bellows in the engine compartment is to: 1. Vibration and noise reduction. 2. Convenient installation and extended service life of exhaust silencing system. 3. Make the entire exhaust system flexible and cushioned. Wire harness corrugated pipe refers to a tubular elastic sensi...

  • Webasto and Espar settle class action lawsuit over parking heaters

           The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York announced that it has reached two settlement agreements with Webasto and Espar in a class action lawsuit worth up to $15 million.        Named as defendants: Webasto Products North America ...

  • Trouble driving in fog? Check out winter 2023 car accessories

            Car Accessories: Winter travel isn’t easy, and car accessories that come in handy when you run into trouble are a must. Fog lights, radium stickers and other essential car decorations.        Auto Parts: Winter is just in the middle of a cold...

  • Truck drivers need parking heaters, how does it work?

            The word “diesel heater” can be seen from the name, and a diesel heater parking lot is more likely. That’s right, this guy lives on diesel fuel, drinks diesel fuel and breathes hot air.        Since it is mainly used on trucks, it...

  • The functions of parking heater

            A modest garage isn’t just for covered parking: it’s also a great do-it-yourself workplace. However, as fall arrives – and especially winter – you can be sure that the temperatures will plummet, and it will become too cold and harsh to do any w...